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Father’s day coming up? Your friends birthday ? Christmas? In fact, any event that may require a gift, we assure you that a gift bundle compiled by Legendary golf will put more than a smile on the face of anyone on its receiving end. 

Legendary golf aims to make gift giving a painless and stress-free process. We offer all sorts of gift ranges, which can be customised to accommodate your specified budget and combination preferences. All headcover and other accessory ranges can be included in our gift bundles, allowing for the creation of your ideal gift.

So how can you create the perfect gift?

Please see the steps below:

Step 1: Select your preferred product below.
Step 2: Type in the desired customisation into the custom test box. 
Step 3: Follow the same process for any further additions to the gift. 
Step 4: Sit back and await delivery.

Need some inspiration? Please see some awesome gift bundles previously compiled below:


Legendary Golf offers you the option to customise all your genuine leather products to add an extra level of uniqueness and diversity to our offerings and to take your golfing accessories to a completely new level.

Customisation is charged at R50 per unit.

Customisation colours are predetermined according to the design chosen by you. For alternative customisation colours and various other customisation options, please see the Golf Tours and Events page.

Customisations can be viewed on the checkout page.

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